Horror on the Plane in the USA! Passenger who abused the hostesses on the plane, was taped to the seat with duct tape!

An incident in the USA shocked the whole world. A male passenger, who broke almost all the rules in aviation regulations, which have very strict rules in terms of safety, caused everyone on the plane to have nightmares.

The incredible incident happened on the Philadelphia-Miami flight of Frontier Airlines. According to the news in Reuters, a passenger named Maxwell Berry harassed 2 female flight attendants and punched another male staff member.

Deactivated with the help of passengers, Berry was taped to the plane seat with duct tape. Berry, 22, was arrested for assault as soon as the plane landed. According to the information provided by NBC television, the attacker grabbed the chest of one female flight attendant and the hip of another. Not content with that, the man punched a male staff member as well.

It has been reported that the flight attendants involved in the incident were put on unpaid leave in accordance with the airlines procedure. In the statement made by the airline company, the incident was condemned and emphasized support for all flight attendants, including the personnel who were attacked.


“This will be a lifelong dehumanizing experience,” Berry stated. A lot of people laughed and made fun of me for being treated like this by an airline staff.”

In another video, Berry can be seen from the side, part of his mouth covered with tape. Berry calls out for help as he shakes his head to remove the tape. But Berry’s cries are met with laughter and teasing from other passengers.

Kaynak: WMAL Haberler

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